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Dati und Spy

Datenschutz ist langweilig? Nicht mit DATI & SPY!

Gemeinsam mit der Datenschutzberatung Janthur GmbH haben wir eine web-basierte App entwickelt und gestaltet, welche zeitaufwendige Präsenzschulungen zum Thema Datenschutz ersetzt! Die App vermittelt die Inhalte interaktiv, spielerisch und für jedes Unternehmen individuell. Besonders stolz sind wir auf die 3D-animierten Hauptcharaktere des Projekts – DATI & SPY! In erklärenden Animationen, realen Videosequenzen und interaktiven Spielen führen die beiden den User durch das Datenschutzuniversum. Die Integration von Augmented Reality ist ein weiteres Highlight der App!

Sie sehen Nachholbedarf zum Thema Datenschutz bei sich, Ihren Kollegen oder Mitarbeitern? Oder sind einfach nur neugierig, was wir hier gezaubert haben? Dann testen Sie doch einfach die Datenschutzapp! Unter registrieren und 14 Tage kostenlos testen. (Die Lizenz erlischt nach Ablauf dieser Zeit automatisch)

lra es

Image film for the district of Esslingen well received!

The five-minute image film, which Storz Medienfabrik produced on behalf of the Esslingen District Office, was well received at its premiere at the CMT. The film contains unique drone shots, landscapes and atmospheric moments of our beautiful district. The Esslinger Zeitung reported: "After five minutes everyone thinks: I have to go there!"


Fotonachweis: Esslinger Zeitung


Christmas can come...

...because our graphic designers were already busy. The Storz team has come up with a very special Christmas card for this year. Of course, we won't tell you yet what kind of card it will be. But one thing we can already say: This year's card will simply be magical.



Dominique says "hello"

Today we introduce you to our trainee Dominique, who supported the graphics department this week. She was also in the video department and sound studio and lent her voice to an insect, among other things. We thank her for a nice and funny week and look forward to seeing her again.



Bus driving has to be learned!

For the 21st time the first-graders of the Esslingen primary schools were able to take part in a road safety training course, which the bus company Schlienz Omnibus provided. The Storz Medienfabrik was there live and captured the exciting day in pictures. The special highlight of the training was the emergency braking with the bus, during which the small road users were able to practice the correct holding in the bus.



Children make news

This week the Storz Medienfabrik visited Bad Langensalza to produce a very special news programme with around 15 pupils. Not only the young newscasters, but also our team had a lot of fun. The children's news is part of a new project for a museum. Thank you for the great cooperation!



All nines!

Our team was quite sporty this week. We captured two bowling alleys and played for fame, honour and dinner. The result: five times every nine, many points and collective muscle soreness. In a nerve-racking final the young jumpers won 4:1 against the supposed favourites of the evening.



Storz at the Cannstatter Wasen

The Swabian culture is written in capital letters at Storz Medienfabrik. That's why our team was of course at the folk festival to be whirled around on the various merry-go-rounds. The result: lots of fun, lots of new ideas and even more reasons to come back.



Welcome back!

After an "absolutely amazing month in the UK" we welcome our apprentice Julia Vogler back to Esslingen. In Portsmouth she had taken part in an ErasmusPlus exchange, which consisted of a language course and working in an English agency.



Thailand feeling in Esslingen and Nürtingen

The customers of the Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen made a small detour through Thailand's jungle on their way to the cinema, which led them to the cinema premiere of the film Fack ju Göhte 2.


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