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The Storz Medienfabrik takes off!

The smallest employee of Storz Medienfabrik took off at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre - our drone! During that time he took beautiful pictures of the exhibition grounds and the airport.


Festo sonne

Morning mood at Festo

This week we went high. With our drone we captured the first rays of sunshine behind the new Festo building. The resulting images are part of a new film project, the conception and production of which is being carried out by Storz Medienfabrik.


On the way to canoeing

This week we went to Esslingen on the Neckar in search of a suitable location. Equipped with a canoe and two paddles we toured through the city in best weather looking for the perfect scenery for a new image film.



Storz makes "heat-free" in Fildorado

It's summer in Germany and the Storz Medienfabrik team moved their workplace to the Fildorado outdoor pool in Filderstadt.
In his luggage: swimming gear, towels, drone and some GoPro cameras. Underwater several action scenes were shot and the Storz Medienfabrik provided with the drone with the bathers for much "fresh" wind and attention ;-)



Pure power with zero emissions

In the midst of vineyards, the Storz cameramen took fascinating film shots with a camera drone and a ground camera using a very special subject: the new BMW i8. The design highlight of the Bavarian car manufacturer is a plug-in hybrid that can be switched from a three-cylinder engine to an electric motor at the touch of a button. The images are to be incorporated into a new project.


Think tank

Creative people need not only original ideas and lightning bolts of thought, but also critical questions and a handful of pragmatism if their projects should be implemented. This is why our team includes not only witty dreamers, but also tough realists and strong critics who work together on ideas until they are ready for implementation. Our dreamers provide the creative input, our critics question the unusual ideas and our realists test the ideas for practicality. Only in this way can our creativity be directed in the right direction, leading our projects to success. Walt Disney has already used this method to realize his film projects.


Delicatessen Böhm in front of the lens

The Storz Medienfabrik covers the entire range for the video shoot for Feinkost Böhm. In front of the camera are the company's employees, groceries and sales rooms.


Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts... our (former) graphics apprentice for passing her final exam as media designer for digital and print media! The foundation for her successful career at Storz was a whole house from Hanutas.


New animated infographics completed

In order to visualise the building management of the future, Storz Medienfabrik created an animated info graphic showing the new energy management in the house area.


Commendation for our Mrs. Schwämmle

Our trainee Alexandra Schwämmle was awarded a commendation this week for her particularly good grades. The whole team is happy with her. Keep it up, Alex!

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