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Kinder sicher unterwegs

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Prevention project for primary school children

For children to be able to assess dangerous situations better, they need good role models and suitable illustrative examples. For the Esslingen Police Headquarters and Kelly Island e.V., we designed and produced the prevention project "Kinder sicher unterwegs" (Children Safely on the Road), which went to all primary schools in Baden-Württemberg.

CustomerPolizeidirektion Esslingen / Kelly-Insel e.V.
ProjectKinder sicher unterwegs
ServicesPreventive film, flyer, stickers, autograph cards, accompanying booklet, evaluation shit, film premiere event

Consulting & Conceptualization

Kinder sicher unterwegs - Children safely on the road

Storz Medienfabrik developed the prevention concept "Kinder sicher unterwegs" for the police headquarters in Esslingen and Kelly-Insel e.V.. The main focus was on the prevention film on the topic of traffic and crime prevention, which shows how children can behave correctly in everyday and dangerous situations - for their own safety. The film was conceived for teaching at primary schools and contains crime prevention and traffic education messages in six different exciting scenes. The film contains a foreword by the state police president and the scenes are commented by a policewoman.
The Storz Medienfabrik also produced a complete training and information package, which was distributed to all primary schools in Baden-Württemberg.

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Prevention material

Prevention by viewing and reading.
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Caution for strangers

"Kinder sicher unterwegs" is also about contact with strangers who address children.
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Correct bus driving

Driving a bus also needs to be learned. Kelly-Insel e.V., the Esslingen Police Headquarters and the Storz Medienfabrik show how to do it right.
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Everything at a glance

The information package was distributed to all primary schools in Baden-Württemberg.


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Polizeidirektion Esslingen

We developed a prevention concept for primary schools for Kelly-Insel e.V. and the Esslingen Police Headquarters under the name "Children on the Move Safely".
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