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Big events for Speakers Excellence

Speakers Excellence organizes top speaker events several times a year in different locations. As a long-standing partner, Storz Medienfabrik supports the events with live technology, players and an EB team for interviews.

CustomerSpeakers Excellence
ProjectSVIT, Impuls- and knowledge forum
ServicesLive direction, documentation

Trade fair & Events

Speakers Excellence

Storz Medienfabrik has been a Speakers Excellence partner for several years and is a competent technology partner at numerous major events such as the Stuttgart Knowledge Forum in the Porsche Arena, the Stuttgart Impulse Forum and the SVIT Real Estate Forum in Switzerland. The programme includes experts who provide valuable impulses and creative ideas for companies and individuals. The events have each attracted several thousand visitors in recent years.

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Let's go

The podium is ready for the next speaker.
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The Storz Media Factory cameras are picking up a snap.
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Spoilt for choice

The live direction always keeps the overview.
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Our cameramen always have everything in view.
We offer you cross-media consulting, conception, creation and production
for the B2B and B2C sector.
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Storz Medienfabrik organised a weekend event for a customer with around 1000 guests from all over the world.
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Institut für Energieeffizienz in der Produktion EEP

In 2013 and 2014, Storz Medienfabrik organized the 1st and 2nd Stuttgart Efficiency Summit for the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production at the University of Stuttgart.
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MSA Auer GmbH

For many years Storz Medienfabrik has been responsible for the conception, design and production of various advertising media with the Berlin-based company MSA - The Safety Company.
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KSK Esslingen-Nürtingen

Exclusively for the Kreissparkasse Esslingen and Nürtingen, Storz Medienfabrik has been organising cinema premieres for several years, attracting many customers to the cinema with its imaginative decorations and games.
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Festo AG & Co.KG

Storz Medienfabrik organised an online press conference for Festo to inform the world press about the latest news.
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Speakers Excellence

Storz Medienfabrik has been a partner of Speakers Excellence for many years and is involved in numerous major events of the agency.
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