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Konnerth & Co

konnerth film intro

Here plays the music

The Storz Medienfabrik staged the high-tech production of Konnerth & Co with a large orchestra and fast cuts. The image film consciously manages without a speaker and lives from the emotionality of the images and music.

CustomerKonnerth & Co
ProjectImage film
ServicesImage film without speaker
SectorMechanical engineering

Industrial film

Image film Konnerth & Co

With well-chosen music and a cut that is precisely matched to it, the Storz Medienfabrik skilfully sets the scene for employees and products from Konnerth & Co. Many detail shots, conscious play with the blur and the sympathetic presentation of the employees make the video a real eye-catcher.

konnerth imagefilm 01

Good combination

The compositing of the image film was consciously designed on an emotional level.
konnerth imagefilm 02


In the editing a small choreography of the machines on the music was created.
konnerth imagefilm 03

Measuring technology at its best

Detailed pictures show the use of Konnerth & Co machines on site.
konnerth imagefilm 04

Well planned

Although the image film manages without a speaker, it shows all aspects of the company.


We offer you cross-media consulting, conception, creation and production
for the B2B and B2C sector.
eep arena2036 intro

Institut für Energieeffizienz in der Produktion EEP

What does the future of automobile production look like? This is exactly what the Storz Medienfabrik has visualized for the research campus Arena2036 of the University of Stuttgart.
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fischer imagefilm intro

Fischer Kälteklima

The image film, which Storz Medienfabrik produced for Fischer Kälte-Klima, offers real film, 2D and 3D animation. In addition to important facts, the film offers a story taken from real life.
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msa f1fx intro

MSA Auer GmbH

Exciting 3D animations paired with a practical test by real firefighters are shown in the product video that Storz Medienfabrik produced for MSA.
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abb film intro


Animated infographics and a sophisticated sound design characterize this video about "Industry 4.0" for ABB.
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kurz mysys film intro

Gerhard Kurz elektrotechnischer Gerätebau GmbH

As part of the product launch of MySyS LUKIDA, Storz Medienfabrik produced a film showing practical examples of the use and installation of the device and its components.
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konnerth film intro

Konnerth & Co

In order to put the high-tech products of Konnerth & Co in the right light, Storz Medienfabrik developed an image film which, thanks to a successful selection of music, manages without a speaker.
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