Landratsamt Esslingen

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Landratsamt Esslingen

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The district of Esslingen from above

In the new image film the district of Esslingen shows its best side - and simply different: In 5 minutes it goes through nature, culture and economy with spectacular aerial shots and almost invisible transitions. A journey through our beautiful administrative district between biosphere and fair.

CustomerLandratsamt Esslingen
ProjectDistrict Esslingen: nature, culture and economy on the Neckar
Services Drone recordings in 4K, black-magic recordings in 4K, organization, shooting planning, 3D animation, compositing, visual effects
SectorCulture and tourism

Magazines, Films & Clips

Image film

The district of Esslingen is one of the economically strongest regions in both Baden-Württemberg and Europe. The district not only offers optimal working and living conditions but also impressive landscapes, most of which are protected by nature conservation laws. The wide range of tourism, culture and education on offer speaks for itself - and you can quickly escape from everyday life here. The film, conceived and produced by Storz Medienfabrik, is intended to make viewers think: "...this is where I want to go".

During the production it was important to present all these aspects worth living through strong and meaningful pictures. The focus was on airborne recording techniques. With a running time of five minutes, the film is used at trade fairs, presentations and kick-off events.

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We fly high above the castle ruin Reußenstein in the Neidlinger valley.
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The district of Esslingen is full of orchards. The cultivation of apples and cherries is particularly popular in the Ländle.
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From here the district is connected with the whole world. The airport is the hub of the Esslingen region.
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Messe Stuttgart

Messe Stuttgart is one of the largest and most modern event halls in Europe. The award-winning architecture is a highlight, especially from the air.


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