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MXON Trailer

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Four drivers – one Team

The Motocross of Nations (MXON) is an international racing event where the four best riders of a country compete for their nation. Among the experts and fans this series is also seen as the Olympia of Motocross Sports. The event has been taking place since 1947, when the coveted Chamberlain Trophy is being fought for. The venue changes every year.

ProjectMotocross of Nations – MXON – Team Germany 2015
ServicesDrone recordings in 4K, black-magic recordings in 4K, organization, shooting scheduling, 3D animation, compositing, visual effects

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MXON Trailer 2015

As a partner and sponsor, Storz Medienfabrik supports the German team and last year produced a team trailer in which riders and team clothing as well as the new motorcycles were presented.
The race track of the MSC Gaildorf presented itself as a perfect backdrop. Our Motocross (Mtrax-Magazin) experienced camera team worked with several cameras. Among other, a slow-motion camera was used for action shots in slow motion.

adac mxon 01

Full Power

Max Nagl on his Red Bull Iceone Husquavarna.
adac mxon 02

Max Nagl

The star of the team was even world champion until an injury in 2015.
adac mxon 03

Dennis Ullrich

Full concentration before the start of the qualification.
adac mxon 04

Whips & Wheelies

The guys from Team Germany really put their foot down during the show training for our cameras.


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