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ADAC MX Masters

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Everything about the races, individual tracks, special techniques and the latest news from the scene can be found in the ADAC MX Masters Magazine. This, as well as various advertising material for the ADAC MX Masters series, is designed by Storz Medienfabrik.

ProjectMX Masters
ServicesMagazines, billboards, t-shirts, banners, tickets, signs, stickers, flyers, caps, media guide

Print & CI/CD

ADAC MX Masters Magazine & Advertising Media

On behalf of the ADAC, Storz Medienfabrik is responsible for the graphic design, concept, design and final artwork of the ADAC MX Masters magazine. The media guide and various advertising materials such as banners, posters, T-shirts, caps and signs were also produced by Storz. Texts and contents are delivered by the customer. The magazine and the advertising media accompany the ADAC MX Masters series, whose motocross races take place eight times a year all over Germany.


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The MX Mag

The ADAC MX Masters Magazine accompanies the racing series of the same name.
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Promotional products

Storz Medienfabrik also produces various advertising materials such as banners, posters, T-shirts, caps and signs.
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Race results

The races of the ADAC MX Masters Series take place eight times a year.
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The reporting is also one of the tasks of Storz Medienfabrik.

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We offer you cross-media consulting, conception, creation and production
for the B2B and B2C sector.
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The ADAC MX Masters magazine is the Bravo among the motorcross magazines.
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Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co. KG

The knife that suits you is as individual as every person. This is shown by our poster campaign for the knife manufacturer DICK.
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hajoona GmbH

On behalf of hajoona GmbH, Storz Medienfabrik revised the CI and the visual world of the company.
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KSK Esslingen-Nürtingen

Cool postcards always do a good job - especially those from KSK Esslingen-Nürtingen.
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Gerhard Kurz elektrotechnischer Gerätebau GmbH

The Storz Medienfabrik designed the company's entire office equipment in the new look to match the company's appearance.
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Millenium Pearls, Solid Rockhouse

On behalf of various labels, Storz Medienfabrik designs CD and DVD covers, inlays and the label graphics on the data carriers.
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