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Mysys Shop

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Shopping at Kurz

The innovative lighting and control system MySyS LUKIDA from Kurz Elektronik also received a web shop as part of the complete marketing campaign, which originated from our company. The system set up by Storz Medienfabrik takes over many tasks automatically and thus facilitates sales and dispatch.

CustomerGerhard Kurz elektrotechnischer Gerätebau GmbH
ProjectMysys Shop
ServicesShop with landing page, Facebook-page, social media campaign

Web & Social Media

Webshop Mysys Lukida

The web shop for the product MySyS LUKIDA from Kurz Elektronik is part of the complete marketing strategy we developed for the new product for our customers. Based on Magento, it displays the items entered and their availability, automatically generates shipping notes and gives the warehouse feedback on the current stock. This accelerates and simplifies many processes.


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The product presentations in the web shop are simple and clear. 
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Nowadays zoomable product images belong to every webshop. 
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Not only in a caravan

The application examples on the homepage show that the innovative MySyS LUKIDA lighting system can be used universally.
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With system

The webshop for MySyS LUKIDA is based on the shop system Magento.

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We offer you cross-media consulting, conception, creation and production
for the B2B and B2C sector.

Marlok Automotive

Matching the new look of the company, Marlok Automotive also got a new website.
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The wellness philosophy of hajoona is reflected in the new website.
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slogan intro

SLOGAN Werbung Marketing Consulting GmbH

Storz Medienfabrik implemented the web presence of the agency Slogan.
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Storz Medienfabrik created a statistical tool for anonymous case evaluation for Wildwasser and Kompass.
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For the traditional Stuttgart restaurant, there was not only a website, but also a Facebook presence on which the daily meal is posted automatically.
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heike ruegert website intro

Heike Rügert

In order to represent the artist aptly, Storz Medienfabrik designed a portfolio page with an unusual screen design.
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