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ADAC MX Masters 2015 in neighbouring countries

The race is hardly over in Ried (Austria), already it goes across Germany to Lichtenvoorde (Netherlands). For the second event we have created the program within a very short time, so that the visitors in Lichtenvoorde also know what happened in Ried. The title fight has not yet been fought out. We expect an exciting race in the Netherlands!

Flyer for the Pliensauvorstadt

The Bürgerhaus Pliensauvorstadt is located in the direct vicinity of Storz and is a place of encounter and togetherness. The new flyer presents the possibilities of the association and encourages participation. Photos were taken and texts written for the flyer, and a suitable logo was also designed.

storz video hajoona

News from hajoona

Hot off the press: hajoona gets a new brochure with lots of colour, extensive information and modern pictures.
The brochure shows the product world of hajoona - in combination with a conscious lifestyle the optimal basis for a healthy life.
The company philosophy as well as the presentation of the managing directors also find their place in the 24-page brochure.


Origin of the serif

The serifs have their origin in the Greek Lapidary script. The font, initially carved in stone, was later carved. Since it is difficult to carve right angles, the serifs were created as outlets. The writing on stone with a wide writing instrument supported the emergence of the serifs and also led to the varying stroke widths. Another, less widespread theory sees the origin of the serif not in the chisel technique, but in the drawing of letters with a brush. The brush's sweep produced the serif as an element of drawing technique, which was later transferred to the chiseled letters. The first serifs were still inconspicuously short, but until the Roman Empire they were also emphasized and used as a decorative element, comparable to the serifs of today's Egyptienne.

Source: Wikipedia


Come out with a joke!

Today, Bold is seen more as negative: A ...bold today is someone who attracts attention rather negatively; a boozer or drunkard, a roughneck or even the virtue bold.

In the 16th century the term joker is still to be understood as a wise guy, i.e. someone who uses his wit and intellect in a bold way.

It was not until the 19th century that the meaning changed to mockery and fun.

Source: Wikipedia


Guardian angel at the Bürgerfest in Esslingen

For the association Wildwasser Esslingen e.V. we have created beautiful guardian angel banners.

These could be marvelled at on 4 July on the citizen celebration in Esslingen.


ADAC MX Masters 2015 in Aichwald

From 26 to 28 June the ADAC MX Masters will take place directly in front of our doorstep in Aichwald.

For this purpose we have designed almost all advertising media, from posters to flyers and program booklets to sponsor walls. And of course a lot of large billboards.

We wish all drivers much success and the spectators good entertainment!


We wish our trainee much success!

Our trainee from the graphics department is in the middle of her practical final examination as a media designer.

We wish her perseverance, good ideas and fun!


New brochure for Marlok® Automotive

Marlok® Automotive appears again in new gloss. The existing brochure has been revised and updated.

Blasberg 03

With the city trip DVDs around the world

New DVD covers were designed, this time city trips all over the world.

We offer you cross-media consulting, conception, creation and production
for the B2B and B2C sector.