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ruch devices

Ruch Novaplast with new website

Ruch Novaplast - the specialist for particle foams - is pleased about a new internet presence. One of the main highlights is the animated slideshow of the homepage.


Slogan Relaunch

The new website of the advertising and marketing experts has been launched earlier this week. With the modern tile optics the side meets the pulse of the time.


Binderhaus becomes responsive

The manufacturer of binding machines for digital and offset printing Binderhaus received a revised website. Beside some small beauty corrections the site is now also fully responsive. 

storz web progroupapp

Virtual Reality App for Progroup

The virtual reality app "Progroup VR" in cooperation with the WEGA advertising agency has now been successfully used at FachPack 2015. It is available for iOS and Android and can be viewed with VR glasses such as Google Cardboard as well as in a 2D version.

vr testing

Full deployment in the web and app department

The new VR app from Storz is being tested under full operation. In addition to the conventional cardboards made of paperboard, high-quality cardboards such as the "LeapHD" model - shown in the photo - are also used for testing.

storz web progroupsneakpeak

VR App Sneak Peak

Today we have a small preview of the new VR App that we are developing for Progroup AG in cooperation with WEGA Werbeagentur. Soon the app, which shows impressive 360° 3D images of a highly modern paperwork, will be available for download.


Storz at gamescom 2015

Short progress report from Gamescom 2015: The biggest trend this time is Virtual Reality. The VR applications are diverse and finally available in good quality. Here in the picture the Samsung Gear VR.

fermo gewinnspiel

Fermo lottery

For our long-time customer Fermo Massivhaus we have implemented a small, mobile-suitable lottery on their site.

By integrating the target audience into the voting process for a new model house design, the customer relationship is strengthened.

mittweida devices

Kälteservice Mittweida goes online

The refrigeration specialists at Kälteservice Mittweida are delighted with a new website in a frosty design: http://www.kaelteservice-mittweida.de/

nfh relaunch 2015

Networker for Humanity registered association goes on-line

The new website for the non-profit association from Heidelberg fulfills all criteria of a modern and contemporary internet presence and hopefully motivates the visitors to support the numerous social projects of the association.

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