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marlok relaunch smf

Relaunch of marlok-automotive.de

After the commemorative publication for the 25th anniversary of Marlok and a new brochure, the revised website for Marlok von Storz is now available. In addition to responsiveness, the design of the site has also been enhanced. Click here to go to the website.


schieferstein de

michael-schieferstein.de goes online

The new Website of nutrition expert and "FoodFighter" Michael Schieferstein is now on-line. Beside general information to its person there is also a reservation form, in order to book the expert for a lecture, a training and much more besides.

After the mobile suitability of a page has influenced the ranking factor at Google since April, Bing has now also announced that it prefers mobile-friendly websites in its search results.

Source: Bing / Shyam Jayasankar

hajoona tp

hajoona team partner pages

The popular hajoona team partner pages are - like this week - always updated with news and current content.

schlienz geht online

New Schlienz Website

The new responsive website for the bus company "Schlienz Omnibus" went online yesterday evening. Besides the revised design there are also new pictures of the buses and the team. Click here to go to the page: schlienz-omnibus.de

web design history

The web of yesteryear

Which web designer doesn't remember the glorious days of comic sans, visitor counters and the like? A nostalgic article about the web trends of the 90s and what's left of them today can be seen at t3n: Web design trends you will never forget. (Image source: t3n.de)


Carelator Version 2.5 released

With the help of the Carelator, specialists from the Climate Cooling Resort can help quickly and easily. In the new version 2.5, a new logo and new locations have been added and some bug fixes have been made. The native application is available in the App Store as well as in the Play Store.

mobilenews google

Another argument for websites suitable for mobile use

On 21.04.2015 Google made the mobile suitability of a website a ranking criterion. In plain language, this means that responsive pages are now preferred in Google's ranking. Click here for the article...

fermo post

Fermo Website Relaunch

In the course of the relaunch, the website of fermo.de was made responsive among other things. The result can be viewed at fermo.de.

storz website relaunch

Storz Website Relaunch

In the course of the relaunch of our own website, the area "Museums, installations, exhibit construction, LED spots and media hardware", which had grown steadily over the last few years, was given its own homepage.

To the manufactory page: www.storz-manufaktur.de

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