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storz video SPEX Impulsforum KölnSS

3rd Impulse Forum at didacta 2016 - the education fair

Live from didacta 2016 - Europe's largest and most important education fair in Cologne. We are at the Impulsforum booth of Speakers Excellence. Visitors will enjoy interesting lectures by 47 renowned trainers and keynote speakers on 5 days. We deliver live recordings from Hall 9 with 3 cameras - come by!

160209 Wittwer Schorlau

Buchhaus Wittwer: Wolfgang Schorlau reads from his current Dengler case

The successful author has published his new thriller "The Protective Hand". So many fans have come to the reading that the event has taken place in the foyer of the neighbour, the BW Bank on Kleiner Schloßplatz. For the youtube channel of Buchhaus Wittwer we captured such moments in short trailers.

lra es

Image film for the district of Esslingen well received!

The five-minute image film, which Storz Medienfabrik produced on behalf of the Esslingen District Office, was well received at its premiere at the CMT. The film contains unique drone shots, landscapes and atmospheric moments of our beautiful district. The Esslinger Zeitung reported: "After five minutes everyone thinks: I have to go there!"


Fotonachweis: Esslinger Zeitung

Post Dick 171215

Book and App for Friedr. Dick

Just in time for the beginning of the year, Friedr. Dick's edited book and app come onto the market.
In addition to various editing techniques and recipes, the book contains QR codes that lead to videos that fit the theme.
In this way, the editing book and app form a modern unit for maximum fun while cooking!
The editing book is the ideal companion for every hobby and professional chef.



Post Silvester

Happy New Year!

We wish you all the best for 2016!

Post Weihnachten

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a peaceful holiday with your family.

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