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vr testing

Full deployment in the web and app department

The new VR app from Storz is being tested under full operation. In addition to the conventional cardboards made of paperboard, high-quality cardboards such as the "LeapHD" model - shown in the photo - are also used for testing.


Ho ho ho!

Not only in the supermarket, but also at the Storz media factory, the Christmas season has rung in.

This year, tcam & friends kicked off with an invitation card to St. Nicholas brunch.

storz web progroupsneakpeak

VR App Sneak Peak

Today we have a small preview of the new VR App that we are developing for Progroup AG in cooperation with WEGA Werbeagentur. Soon the app, which shows impressive 360° 3D images of a highly modern paperwork, will be available for download.

storz video WiFoKöln

8th Cologne Knowledge Forum

The Cologne Knowledge Forum was held for the eighth time on 18 September 2015. Here the top elite of German management and personality experts met to inform the audience of the business floor about topics such as sales and marketing, communication, motivation and success, management and leadership, health, personality development and performance. Storz Medienfabrik was responsible for providing the audience with a permanent video image in the auditorium.


Thailand feeling in Esslingen and Nürtingen

The customers of the Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen made a small detour through Thailand's jungle on their way to the cinema, which led them to the cinema premiere of the film Fack ju Göhte 2.



New booth for hajoona

The company hajoona from Heidelberg will be appearing at an upcoming trade show with a freshly designed booth.

In order to present the products correctly, several coordinated banners, cardboard displays and walls were designed that look like "hajoona" and make you want more.

We wish hajoona all the best and of course a successful fair!

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